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#2 // Greg Silker

#2 // Greg Silker

Greg Silker is a movie producer, commercial director, ministry starter, and coffee shop owner in Minneapolis, MN. He owns Silker Studios, a production company primarily focused on commercial advertisements that is now making its move into the movie market. In 2023, Greg was an Executive Producer for the movie Let Me Have My Son and hopes to have more film projects in the works very soon. He and his wife, Barbara, own a coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis, called Bordertown, which is also the home of a Christian fraternity that the couple started.

To begin their discussion, Andy and Greg talk about Greg’s experience growing up in his father’s commercial photography studio, which was the largest of its kind between New York and Los Angeles. They also talk about the first movie produced by Silker Studios, Let Me Have My Son. They discuss Greg’s goals for kingdom building film making in international markets, like Kenya, and their animated kids series that is currently in development. Finally, they break down their favorite movies of all time and discuss the future of Silker Studios.

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