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#1 // Patrick Deneen

#1 // Patrick Deneen

Patrick Deneen is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame and previously taught at both Georgetown University and Princeton University. Deneen has written several books including Why Liberalism Failed and most recently, Regime Change. The former was featured on Barak Obama’s favorite books of 2018. Patrick is also a founding member of the Postliberal Order, a Substack with almost 10,000 subscribers.

In this podcast, Patrick and I discuss his book Why Liberalism Failed, in which he explains the paradox that liberalism failed because it achieved with it set out to do. In other words, liberalism failed because it was successful. We also discuss one of Deneen’s newest articles called “A Party of Commitment.” In it, Deneen breaks down the values of Americans on the political right and the left and highlights where they align and where they don’t align.

Finally, we discuss Deneen’s newest book, Regime Change, in which Deneen gives a vision forward for a postliberal society. We discuss the media’s reaction to this book and I ask Deneen the most important question of the interview: do you hate liberals?

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