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What is Optiv Network?

What is Optiv? Think back to early Athens - a time when ideas could be brought before the courts, presented to the people, and debated by leaders of thought. This is the purpose of Optiv. Optiv stands for optical perspective: looking at things from a different angle, on the quest for truth, with the humility to acknowledge it when found.

​Consider Optiv a modern day agora - a space where people can assemble to share and sharpen their perspectives. Whether the topic is theology, sports, politics, or news, if ideas aren't pitted against one another, truth will not advance. Uniformity of thought will only advance stagnation, and stagnation, contempt.

Contempt is growing all around us. Look at modern media - CNN, FOX News, NPR, and the like. What is the unifying factor among these polarizing shells of journalism? An agenda. Rather than rallying around the pursuit of truth, these coalitions have built their brands on a lust for control. 

​Optiv aims to be the new town square. Optiv is a place where all ideas are welcome, but not all ideas are right. 

Core Values:

Truth: Truthfulness is the foundational virtue of communication. Everyone influencing through content must decide whether truthfulness or power is their controlling value. We strive to value the truth more than power, control, approval, influence, or ease. We commit to tell the truth, as best we understand it, to earn the long-term trust of others who believe truth must precede power.

Curiosity: Human flourishing requires safety and exploration, conservation and creativity, stability, and innovation. Optiv exists to bring the best of the past into a flourishing present, and to offer creative iterations of possible futures. We believe curiosity and creativity can lead us to clarity, beauty, and solutions we would not find otherwise.

Respect: Incivility and ideological possession weaken us in thought, virtue, experience, and fellowship. Showing respect can be taxing, but its results are worth the workout. Optiv believes respect is a key gateway to public wisdom, rich relationships, and mature selves. Therefore, Optiv seeks to honor the dignity of all by demonstrating civility in all our manners and choosing an irenic tone in all our speech. 

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