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One Network to rule them all.

What is Optiv? Think back to early Athens - a time when ideas could be brought before the courts, presented to the people, and debated by leaders of thought. This is the purpose of Optiv. Optiv stands for optical perspective: looking at things from a different angle, on the quest for truth, with the humility to acknowledge it when found.

Consider Optiv a modern day agora - a space where people can assemble to share and sharpen their perspectives. Whether the topic is theology, sports, politics, or news, if ideas aren't pitted against one another, truth will not advance. Uniformity of thought will only advance stagnation, and stagnation, contempt.


Contempt is growing all around us. Look at modern media - CNN, FOX News, NPR, and the like. What is the unifying factor among these polarizing shells of journalism? An agenda. Rather than rallying around the pursuit of truth, these coalitions have built their brands on a lust for control. 

Optiv aims to be the new town square. Not one that represents right or left, atheist or Christian, or any other divide, but one that builds a foundation of truth-driven thought so that society may flourish. Optiv is a place where all ideas are welcome, but not all ideas are right. 

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