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From the Pen of a Young Conservative...

Dr. Scott Jensen: A Blueprint for Conservative Campaigns

It’s safe to say that Minnesota has been a focal point for political unrest in recent years as it relates to public safety, COVID restrictions, and other political issues. Minnesota is the state where George Floyd was killed, where rioting has persisted, and where Democrat governor, Tim Walz, kept emergency powers for over a year. And even more, Minnesota has some of the highest city crime rates in the country. Put plainly, Minnesota is an absolute mess. To many, especially Republicans and Conservatives, it would seem that the state is a lost cause. But I would beg to differ. Minnesota might be a mess, and sure, it may seem like the state is on a path that only leads to more destruction and less security for its great people. But Minnesota has a candidate that is unlike most we’ve seen for years — maybe decades. And I think that the Republican Party has a lot to learn from this candidate and his innovative campaign. This candidate is Dr. Scott Jensen.

Dr. Jensen announced his gubernatorial campaign in March of 2021. Since then, Jensen has emerged as the frontrunner in the GOP race — despite running against seven other candidates, many of whom have a pretty decent following. Jensen found a way to break the off-year fundraising record, set by current governor, Tim Walz, by over $100,000; he crushed his opponents in the straw polls, receiving 38% of the vote and tripling the votes of the second place finisher; and he’s started some sort of movement in Minnesota that both Republicans and Democrats can unify around. So, what is Jensen doing that other Republican candidates are not?

For decades, Republicans have relied on mainstream media to get their message out to the public. But not Jensen. His campaign has taken a different approach, and they’re not banking on modern mainstream media outlets to cover him fairly. In some ways, Jensen has put together his own media network using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and by starting his own podcast, The Dr. Scott Jensen Podcast. Jensen’s reach on these media platforms is far — millions of people have seen his videos and listened to his podcasts. Jensen is controlling his own message by using the media platforms that Democrats have mastered throughout the years and that Republicans refuse to utilize because they’re too stubborn to recognize the changing times.

And it’s not just that Jensen is sharing his message in a different way — his message is different. Jensen is communicating a message that speaks to all Minnesotans and Americans. He’s speaking up on issues such as school choice, critical race theory, and health freedom — the issues that Minnesotans and Americans actually care about. Jensen made a clear decision to engage in the culture war. And as we saw in Virginia with Glenn Younkin, winning the cultural battles seemed to lead to his victory. Minnesota is in a similar position, and I believe a Younkin, Jensen comparison is fair here. Jensen is not restricted to the same old talking points that other Republicans can’t get away from. Abortion, second amendment rights, and tax cuts. Minnesotans and Americans already know that these are priorities for the Republican party, and Jensen doesn’t think differently. But what Jensen chooses to talk about are the real issues that everyday citizens have on their minds. Jensen is fighting the culture war.

While fighting cultural issues, Dr. Jensen is also confronting the big tech, big government, and big pharma triad head on. Jensen has had no fear in spearheading the conversations surrounding censorship, cancel culture, and how big pharma and the government have been dishonest with Americans regarding COVID vaccines and death rates. He claims that he has not taken a penny from big tech or big pharma for his campaign and has done his best to give honest medical advice on the recent vaccines, all while companies like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube try to censor his message. The big tech, big government, big pharma oligopoly is not going to be taken down by angry extremists storming The Capitol or by Republican candidates droning on about next years’ tax cuts. While taxes are absolutely an issue to address, we cannot counter the oligopoly by being passive and speaking on topics that don’t pertain to the issues at hand. Jensen has not been passive and has driven forward these conversations about the threat of this modern oligopoly, and we should learn from his confidence.

Jensen has been a pioneer for modern Republican politics. Some might say that I am speaking too soon, because Jensen hasn’t even won the GOP endorsement yet. But I would say that, one, I expect he will not only win the endorsement, but will also win over the great people of Minnesota and become their next governor. And two, regardless of a win or loss, Jensen’s game plan and execution should be a blueprint for Republicans all over the country who wish to turn the tide in their respective community. Jensen is no superhero; he’s just a man who chose to step up at a unique time. And it seems that right now, we need more men and women who will step up and speak out. So, to Dr. Jensen, thank you for leading the way.


Andrew Schmitt is an entrepreneur and founder of the Optiv Network. He's started the Optiv Theology Podcast, Optiv Music Podcast, and the Dr. Scott Jensen Podcast (which consistently ranks in the Top 200 "Government" podcasts in the world). Andrew currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, but calls Madison, Wisconsin home.

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