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Co-hosts Andy Schmitt and Nic Gibson discuss theology, culture, and other topics related to Christian life. They seek to answer some of the big questions that the Bible presents and help others think more deeply about faith. As they bring different views from separate generations, they model Christian discipleship and implore others to engage in thoughtful discussion and debate.

Fitness & Wellness

Wellness and nutrition expert Christina Jax is an adventure seeker with curiosity about what compels individuals to choose their version of wellbeing. Weaving together research and relationships, Jax guides conversations that connect the dots between personal experience and healthy living. Each episode leaves us with salty bites to chew on and motivates us to consider what wellness looks like for ourselves.


Anneliese sits down with different guests to hear their stories, discuss theology, and event talk about some things they disagree on. She also shares her personal experience as a wife and mother of overcoming sin and learning to walk in the fullness of womanhood as God intended it.

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